When Two Giants Meet

When Two Giants Meet is a reconstruction of a moment in (my, your, everyone’s) life. It is a relationship in constant motion.

I clearly remember a moment from my young teenage years. I was in a Whole Foods, headed to the restroom after checking out with some pre-made meal. As I turned the corner to the narrow hallway leading to the bathroom, I found myself face to face with an elderly man who was headed in the same direction. I felt obliged to let him go first. I nodded and told the man “After you”. He immediately returned the gesture to me, “After you”. We both processed this moment and seemed comfortable with the pause. To avoid further deliberation, we both began walking. We barely fit, our shoulders bumped, but we were equally committed to our forward trajectories. As we parted ways at the end of the hallway, the elderly man leaned in towards me and spoke a few notches above a whisper, “When two giants meet”.

Steel, jack-hammers, steel rod

5′ x 2′ x 6′


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